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Net-Managers started on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia back in late 1999. Since then we have moved from an ISP provider to a leader in Web Development, SSL Security and Antivirus Solutions as well as Domain & Website Management & Hosting solutions, today 13 years on we manage all aspects of the Internet administration & Marketing Needs which we claim is needed to day just to keep up, we know your Internet Business is under utilized and misunderstood by most.

Internet Marketing and Website Promotion Advertising Services

The internet is now significant to business achievement. Consumers are using the online websites to dream about their next purchase or are researching services and products to meet their urgent requirements. Is your business positioned to take benefits of this?

Accomplishing business online is dissimilar to more traditional approaches. The consumer is in control of the process and is very demanding. We all make out that a consumer will not hang around on your web site if they can't get their objectives swiftly and competently. The internet has the benefit of providing comprehensive information on what public are doing on your web site. Where do your visitors come from? What do they come across at? Do they do what you would like them to do while online? If your web site is not changing visitors to customers, then your visitors are becoming someone else's customers. You can vary this, let us show you how.


We specialize in developing and designing online businesses that work! Our internet marketing procedure guarantees that we are designing for the correct customer segments, for a superior customer experience and to attain defined business goals.

Internet Marketing Goals

Basically, Internet marketing is using the Internet to do one or more of the following:

o        Speak a company's message about itself, its services, or its products online.

o        Carry out research as to the nature (demographics, preferences, and requirements) of existing and potential patrons.

o        Sell goods, services, or promotion space over the World Wide Web.

Internet Marketing Services

Net-Managers provides Internet marketing Services and SEO Services that target business results. Our specialties include general campaign planning, cross browser compatible website design, accessibility and usability issues, search engine and directory promotion, reciprocal and commercial link management, pay per click campaign management and social media optimization.

Each website is unique in its own way so is the Internet Marketing Plan for it. Hence our internet marketing plan differs from website to website. Our Internet Marketing services help you to accomplish your strategic Internet business objectives and allow you to operate on a larger scale.

At Net-Managers, we provide a 5-tiered approach to our Internet Marketing Program.

·         Organic Search Engine Optimization: We always prepare and implement the SEO strategy around white hat SEO principles and techniques that comply with the Google webmaster guidelines.

·         Link Strategy: We build strong one way back links through manual submissions to web directories and other linking strategies to build good back support for the website.

·         Pay Per Click campaigns: PPC is one of the most effective tools to get instant traffic for a newly launched website

·         Social Media Optimization: SMO is the latest Online Internet marketing techniques that creates buzz and spreads word of mouth publicity for your business in the online world.

·         Measuring Website Progress: We create and provide monthly ranking and progress report to show and get tangible measurable results and allow for fine-tuning and strategic adjustments.

Creating search engine friendly websites and an effective Internet marketing plan is a mandate if one intends to reach to its potential customers in an effective way. Net-Managers- Internet Marketing Company owns a powerful brain pool of professional Internet marketing experts adept in maximizing client's web presence thereby accentuating their businesses.

Link Building Services

Link popularity refers to the vote a web page gets from another site with the same theme and anchor text for driving traffic. High quality and effectivelink building services are the living blood for SEO strategy of any website. Quality inbound links pointing to your website are the critical factor for Google to determine your page rank. All major Search engines put a lot of importance on link building and its effects which has a direct association to the top positions in the search engine result pages. This is when the effective link building comes in to picture.

It is an art to find good inbound links for your website and our expert link building executives know their job well to build strong back support for your website via manual link building techniques.

·         Gain High Google Page Rank Value

·         Expand Traffics and Business

·         Make good online presence/visibility

·         Increase product /service interest for target Market

·         To Gain Top SERP

Link building is a true test of quality and a time consuming process, but is highly rewarding. We, at Net-Managers toil hard to fetch effective links to your website through:

·         Manual Directories Submission

·         Ezine Publication and Syndication

·         Online Press Release Publication

·         Blogging

·         Social Media Networking

·         Classified Ads Posting

·         Forum Participation

·         Link Exchange

At Net-Managers, link Popularity services are planned, tuned and deployed to benefit your website. We create back links in bulk, at the same time monitoring their quality. We track how search engines index your website, give it a high rank and bestow an eventual PR.  Contact us now to discuss how our link building services can help you with your link building campaign.


Survival in a highly competitive internet marketplace is tough. Competition has become overwhelming and companies are doing everything they can to somehow manage. To come out of this unhurt is very difficult. PPC Advertising is the only way out. Natural listings on search engines consume a lot of time, a reason why PPC has emerged and become popular. Pay per click or PPC campaigns can be used to drive targeted traffic to your website. PPC campaigns offer a fantastic return on your investment and drive instant targeted traffic to your website.

We manage accounts across a wide range of business sectors and you can rest assured that we are constantly monitoring and working on your account to get maximum return on your investment with each and every click.

We provide regular updates and reports of your campaign to explain how well your account is performing.

What We Do for You

·         Keyword research : Our thorough key phrase and market research ensures significant increase in relevant traffic volumes

·         Strategies that works : Our proven strategies generate targeted traffic that leads to high conversion ratio

·         Tangible return on investment : Increased Click-Through Rate (CTR) and ROI

·         Daily monitoring : We manage your campaign daily to ensure your online marketing is working at an optimum level

·         Comprehensive report : We provide monthly reports and campaign statistics

·         Value for money : We can provide ROI figures on your campaign, allowing you to allocate your online marketing budget more accurately

Google AdWords, MSN Live and Yahoo! Search Marketing are currently the largest PPC providers. Our job is to determine the key words that your target audience uses to find you and help you choose the right and effective keywords and phrases for your PPC campaign management to match your business initiatives, formulate and place cost-effective ads. The Pay per Click Advertising Management services of Net-Managers will let you have an effective, well researched and efficiently planned PPC Campaign on low-budget Keywords.

If you want to get an immediate boost of targeted traffic to your website, then contact us now…

How my Website get an edge over my competitors? If you have been looking for answer for this question, read on.

Having a good Website does not ensure that you will get an edge over your competitions. Your Website should also give a better browsing experience to its user.

You get an edge over your competitors if

·         Your Website is quick and loads faster

·         Your Website navigates faster

·         User need not to wait for images to get downloaded

·         Not effected by the number of users surfing simultaneously

·         And top of that they get it when they need it (Availability all the time)

And that is where Web Hosting Solutions makes a big difference.

Net-Managers is its own Web Hosting Company and offers solutions designed to meet a variety of Web Hosting and all other Net-Managers Services (Asp,, PHP, SSL Web hosting Solutions). From Managed Shared Web Hosting packages for smaller sites with modest traffic levels, through to Managed enterprise Hosting and fully Dedicated Hosting Solutions. All our solutions share high levels of robustness and support to provide maximum reassurance and security to our clients.

Our consultative, personal approach differs considerably to that of other Web Hosting Solutions Providers. We are able to apply expertise and consultancy to help you identify the right Hosting Solution for your needs.

We understand that your web presence is critical to the marketing and operational functions of your business. Our approach to Hosting support is therefore geared to providing personal contact and support, something which differentiates us from conventional Web Hosting Companies.
Contact us now to get the details of web hosting solutions provided by our company.

Application Integration ion

Enterprises may have many applications running concurrently both offline and online achieving their set objectives. And to establish a sync between (offline and online) and/or (online and online) applications is what most of the corporate is looking for in order to achieve faster turnaround time and efficiency. For example a corporate may have CRM running which may require integration with the Web enabled application say E-commerce so that any newly purchased products / services can be instantly pushed in to this CRM, making the whole process very real time which further smoothens the process of information sharing, business optimization and other decision making processes.

Net-Managers Application Integration Services provides seamless information sharing to enable business optimization and total information visibility through the integration of processes, Applications and Data. Our implementation capabilities include application-to-application integration, Business Process Management Integration, business-to-business integration and Web services enablement.

Back Office Integration

A back office is a part of most corporations where tasks dedicated to running the company itself take place. We provide solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing Back Office System. Our secure e-commerce application that processes corporate information such as orders online can be integrated with your existing back office system such as sage line of products or Seibel CRM or any other system you may be running for your back office operations.

Key Features

·   Greatly improved customer service - the back office and the web store can deal automatically with almost every order and customer query.

·   Faster response time.

·   Enhanced capacity - greater automation allows you to deal with much larger volumes of business.

·   Reduced costs in the medium and long-term. Although set-up will be a one-off cost, integration will save time and    money in the future.

·    Improved accuracy - with web store and back office accessing the same data the chances of errors are greatly reduced.

·    Staying competitive - efficient, timely service is vital: if your competitors run a more efficient, responsive service you could lose your customers to them.

Payment gateway Integration

Get the payment before you ship!
With the phenomenal increase in e-commerce and online shopping, it is essential that your web store is integrated via a payment gateway with your merchant account. Net-Managers delivers custom payment integration solution that will allow you to accept online payments from your customers using a payment gateway of your choice.
A partial list of payment gateways that we have integrated for our customers across the globe is given below
- World Pay - SecPay
- Paypal      - Barrclays
- Verisign    - 2checkout

Blog marketing is something that has become a very powerful area for any growing business. A good blogger can help a company extremely large because past visitors to the bloggers blog site will most likely come back to read more blog posts.

Net-Managers offers blog marketing. This service is very helpful in creating a Powerful name Firm for your business.
We target to use its blog marketing service to help clients find the correct blog sites to promote, and then to rely on its knowledge of the Internet consumer market to promote such blog sites to the public.

Adantages of Blog Marketing

·         Reliability of Blog.

  • Proceeds’ to Business.

·         Regular announcement

Classified Service

A classified service is an Internet service that allows people to post Adds on Various websites.
Classifieds advertising provides a best functionality for Increase promotion of your web site.

Classified is nothing but it is the form of Advertising your product all over the world through Internet.
Net-Managers is here to offer you the right classified submission services at the an affordable price.

Article Submission                                                                                                                                                           Article submission is the best way and one of the oldest link building methods known to the SEO Market. If you have a Own website and if you don’t know - “ what is article submission ? ”.
It is more time that you learn about this link building strategy and use it to boost your website’s ranking in Major search engines. Other benefits to article submissions.

You will be able to send a relatively large in number amount of traffic to your website through article submissions.
Net-Managers Provide the Special offers for Article submissions Services.

Search Engine Submission

Net-Managers will submit it to the top search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo.
Maximum users use the Internet to search for products before purchasing them. How would business succeed if you were not listed among the top searches on the search sites ?

Net-Managers,we have a solution for all your web-based problems. That is why we created our search engine submission service to make your presence felt on the net. Moreover, our services are Best and affordable. They help you to succeed without burning a hole in your pocket.

We submit your site to all the major search engines like Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo, Alta Vista, C Net and many others. Professional and affordable search engine submission is guaranteed when you come to us because client satisfaction is our duty and aim as well. We help our clients gain higher online presence, gather a lead, and eventually grow their business successfully.

Most companies offer automated services where in websites are automatically submitted to search engines. But, we believe in being a little different and offer you manual submission along with the automated search engine submissions.

Web Application Development

Nothing is as beautiful as making something out of nothing. The passion, the fun and great creativity which we develop solutions for our customers is a pleasure to watch .

Web Application Development designs and builds web applications for you This we use the latest technologies like Microsoft. Net. From simple websites to complex browser-based applications. Links to SQL databases for large amounts of data are standard. To make it easier for you please during the construction process via the Internet to follow developments of your application. In this way a very direct interactions occur between you and us as developers.For example, the following applications we develop for you: Classic ASP, C #,. NET, php, JavaScript / DOM, Ajax (Asynchronous Javascript And XML), XML and MSSQL.

Besides size, design websites for many years well versed in developing web based applications . These browser applications are often used in combination with websites. These capabilities are websites increasingly sophisticated online application where users feel that they work with a desktop application.

Online Reputation: Management Services

The reputation of a person or company is perhaps not only most valuable to them, but also their most fragile asset. A good brand image can take years to build and moments to destroy.

The proliferation of social media, coupled with increased reliance on search engines, has brought unique opportunities as well as risks for everyone. It has made every consumer voice as powerful as that of a journalist, many times over. Power is wont to be misused, a fact that naturally poses huge risks for any business or name in the public eye. There are risks in the form of hostile ex-employees, unethical competitors, and disgruntled customers who can post their grievances, true or false, online. In addition to these, there are dedicated sites that welcome negative comments and grievances which are then exploited to build traffic. As all these sites are interactive and text-based, the content is quickly picked up by the search engines and sits on top of the rankings, making it the first thing people read about you.

The only way to insure oneself against such libel is to invest in online asset creation that can be leveraged in times of crisis. Having open channels of communication with the public cannot make the problem disappear, but it can minimize or help contain the damage. In some cases, it can even lead to the birth of brand evangelists which will help you protect your reputation.

While our online reputation management services can help you control the damage through a combination of strategic tools, the solution will often lie in a close examination of the problem at hand. No agency or reputation consultancy can project something that is not. We pride ourselves on our inside-out reputation management approach that helps you actually become what you want to be seen as.

As part of our Online Reputation Management program, we offer four basic services:

·         Reputation Monitoring: We use a combination of tools and patented techniques to keep you updated on your online reputation wins as well as concern areas.

·         Reputation Building: We provide consultancy and support for creating and implementing a long-term reputation strategy. This includes building corporate assets such as blogs, profiles, and forums that improve communication and engagement with relevant communities.

·         Reputation Safeguarding: We work with you to second guess the proverbial chinks in the armor and create contingency plans if something was to go wrong.

·         Reputation Repair: In times of trouble, we offer innovative, out-of-the-box solutions in the form of a customized roadmap that helps you reconnect with customers and rebuild the lost trust.

Most of our clients prefer a combination of the above and there is no particular order that we advise. Each organization is unique and has achieved different milestones on their reputation journey.

Get More out of Less through Website Promotion Services

World Wide Web is flooded with innumerable websites that don’t take the advantage of website promotion services and pay the price. It is much likely that your website can also be one of them. For business owners, getting a website only is not enough. You must find a way to promote your website to reach more targeted people.

The Internet has a key role in our lives and millions of people use search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN to find the required information. Every search engine has its own criteria to present the best possible results. A website needs to be search engine-friendly and it should strictly follow search engine guidelines to get a high ranking.

What Is Website Promotion?

Website promotion refers to increasing the traffic to your website. There are many website promotion services available like page optimization, article distribution, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, directory submission, and link building services. The best possible means of optimizing your website to get that coveted “natural” high page ranking without burning a hole in your pocket is through search engine optimization.

The various services can be summarized as follows:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): It can be described as a tool for optimizing your website’s most appropriate search term/keyword in the search engine to attain a top position in major search engines and receive massive traffic.

2. Internet Reputation Management: This service includes checking the negative publicity of your company by generating a more positive publicity for you or your company on the Internet. Check Website for broken Links & dated Content.

3. One-way Link Building Services: This includes submissions to databases, directories, resources, and websites that correlate to your specific industry.

4. Social Media Optimization: Link building also includes submissions to social media (including social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, among others).

5. Blog Marketing: This term is used to describe Internet marketing via blogs. These are different from corporate websites and include daily activities and events. These are used to create a dialogue with customers to explain the features of their products and services and resolve their queries.

6. Web Page Content: “Tweaking” of the actual text on your site helps in building the traffic, as it is very important that the content contains proper keywords that relate to your particular service/product.

7. Meta Tag Optimization: Creation of meta tags will include a separate description and keywords for each individual page of your site. This will allow your site to be found in search engines with a multitude of keywords.

8. Online Press Release Distribution are written about a company to create a newsworthy article to be used by journalists. These website promotion services, when incorporated, can be very beneficial for your business and give you an edge over your competitors.

Social Media Optimization

Net-Managers offers Social Media Optimization (Smo) and Social Network Marketing services. There services are very helpful in creating a brand for your company and then market your products or services through various online social services .

In recent years, social network marketing has grown to be a very excellent online marketing tool through effective Social Media Optimization (SMO).

Advantages of Social Network Marketing and Social Media Optimization (Smo) :

              Drives good quality traffic to your website from social networking websites.

              Helps in making your brand familiar to the target audience in the online social network.

              Compliments the SEO efforts of the website and thus produces better results.

              Assists in boosting link popularity and gaining non-reciprocal links

Social Media Optimization Services Include :

              Article Submissions .

              Blog Marketing

              Forum Marketing .

              Press Release Distribution.

Net-Managers will be your business partner at every step. We engage to stay with you in the long term, working on maintaining the high position your website earns as a result of the initial SEO process.

Social Media Promotion Services: Your way to latest social media optimization services

Social Media Optimization (Social Media Marketing) can be described as a method of attaining Marketing Communication and Branding objectives through the use of a variety of Social Media Websites. It is a procedure to optimize websites, so that they are simply connected or interlaced with online communities and community web sites.

Mainly our focus for Social Media Optimization is to draw traffic from sources other than the Search Engines. Social media can take various different forms, including online forums, social blogs, web logs, wikis, pod casts, pictures and videos.

It is an imperative part of Web Marketing which assists you in building your Company Brand, Recognition and Online Communication strategy. Facebook, Linkedin, Stumbleupon, Flickr, Twitter, My Space, hi5 and Youtube are some of the well-liked Social Media Web sites.  social media marketing services:

ü  . Social Networking Profile Development and Selection

ü  . Significant Blog Research

ü  . Blog Commenting Tactics

ü  . Community Outreach Course

ü  . Online Reputation Improvement and Management

ü  . Online Brand Reliability Programs

ü  . Blogger Outreach Course

ü  . Online Viral Video Promotional Procedure’s

ü  . Overall Social Media Marketing

ü  . Various Other Customized Services!

Advantages of a Social Media

ü  . Create Publicity

ü  . Brand Responsiveness

ü  . Draw traffic other than Search Engine

ü  . Local / Regional / National focus

ü  . Blogging Platform

ü  . Client Loyalties

ü  . Lead Creation

Social media marketing is just an elegant scheme to assist you put up your brand, share of voice and online long term sales. You can be positive that we are here to reply all your questions, and support you when you are deciding to use any of the phases of social media marketing.

Viral Marketing Campaigns  

Viral marketing campaigns are an amazing way to create enormous amount of buzz quickly spread the word about your company using your best evangelists: your customers. Viral marketing illustrates any plans that persuade individuals to pass on a promotion message to others, generating the potential for exponential growth in the message's exposure and influence. Like viruses, such approaches take advantage of quick growth to blow up the message to thousands, to millions.


Mobile Optimization

Mobile SEO Services, Optimize your website For Mobile Phones, Cell Phones, Blackberry, PDAs and other mobile phones. SEO for cell phones and handheld gadgets is not extremely different from normal SEO. The most significant facet or priority of mobile SEO is ensuring that your clientele or visitors can view your website correctly on their wireless device with complete details. Mobile SEO methodologies will make sure your website is both indexed by mobile search engines and ranked for keywords and phrases related to your service or products.

Local Search Marketing Services  

Search engine marketers and promoters are now able to tap into much localized target audience using local search engines, internet yellow pages and other local search techniques. With our local search marketing services, your business can have customized, branded and targeted local listings in a range of places such as Yahoo, Google and Bing Live. We work with you to build appealing local profiles, using pertinent keywords, designed to drive local business to your web site.

Web Hosting

Welcome to Net-Managers   If you are finding an easy way to establish a strong presence for yourself on the net, you’ve come to the perfect place.  Net-Managers’ flexible and feature-packed plans provide you the right platform to launch your website successfully.


We at Net-Managers offer unmatched web hosting services in addition to many other web-based services.

Our web hosting packages are not only affordable, but also provide you a 24/7 Tech Support to solve all your problems. Our packages cater to varied customers: individual and business companies. The web hosting packages here include Domain booking, Linux and Windows Server web hosting packages, and email address services.

Whether you want to host your personal website or your business website, is the best place to do so.

We believe in 100% customer delight and provide the best services at the most affordable prices.


Net-Managers is the right web host for everything ranging from powerful web hosting services, web design and development, Internet marketing tools, email addresses, and domain names.


Our webmasters treat each site as unique to help you get better online presence. A strong portfolio, 24x7 customer service, and experience gives us the leading edge in the website hosting business.

You are surely going to be in a win-win situation by being with us.


Our hosting features:

·                     Apache Web Server

·                     View Network Information

·                     View Our Server Status

·                     Client Account ManagementPHP Version 5.x

·                     MySQL Database Software

·                     IMAP & POP E-Mail

·                     Monthly & Yearly Billing Options

·                     SSL Hosting Fully Supported

·                     User Friendly Control Panel

Web Analytics: Our expert web analysts can collect, analyze and present data from your website in the form of reports or charts. You will be able to make better online marketing decisions based on these.

Apart from the above services, we also offer e-commerce integration, newsletter campaigns, banner advertisement, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, article marketing and blog marketing as part of our internet marketing services.

Get the Outsource advantage for your business

Our high quality and low cost offshore execution model enables our customers to stay ahead in today's competitive business environment. With our strategic internet marketing services, professional team, affordable pricing structure and result- oriented approach, you can be sure of making your brand count on the internet

Unlike other marketing vendors that handle only a few parts of internet marketing, we are an organization that uses the method of integrated internet marketing that includes all the facets of online marketing. Be it SEO, SEM, web analytics, web design, you can get access to all such services under one roof.

The following site has been issued a Quick SSL™ certificate to enable server security


Domain:   Active



In today's world, for better or worse, security issues are at the forefront of our thoughts. GeoTrust QuickSSL is just one solution from GeoTrust that should give online consumers and businesses peace of mind.

Sites secured by GeoTrust SSL certificates are providing up to 256 bit encryption thereby offering the highest level of encryption and security possible. This means you can rest assured that communications between your browser and this site's web servers are private and secure.

Please visit GeoTrust for more information about QuickSSL and other Internet trust services.


SSL certificates help ensure that your customers’ and business partners’ information is secure when they use your site. Secure your site in minutes with the GeoTrust SSL Trial certificate, enabling up to 256-bit encryption."


Email List Management
Outsourcing vs. In-house Solution

Email distribution is often misunderstood as a simple process in which the send button is pressed for instant and unfettered access to the intended recipient's inbox. Unfortunately, such an assumption is incorrect and may be costly in terms of missed appointments to lost sales. Email management requires a significant investment of time, money, or both to insure delivery, avoid filters, implement international standards, obtain white list status, and remain in the good graces of receiving networks.

As you may be aware, no network is obligated to accept your email. So, be cautious of solutions that do not specialize in email management and distribution like out-of-the-box software, or costly custom application. These are not viable solutions unless distribution on a rare occasion to only a few contacts at a time is your need. Compare outsourcing (i.e. to the aforementioned solutions by clicking on each respective link to get the facts.

Why burden yourself with SPF compliance, RFC standards, MX records, DNS entries, server installation, bandwidth requirements, block list monitoring, software upgrades, and developer fees?

Outsource your list management services to Acquire lists :: Reduce Cost, Complexity, and Risk

Secure e-mail list: The e-mail addresses of your customers are stored within a secure SQL Server database
Subscriber filtering: Subscribers can be filtered against the opt-out list to prevent re-importing a subscriber who has opted out in the past.
Automated tracking/filtering of bounced e-mails. E-mail addresses can be removed after a specified number of bounces.
Reduce list management cost by 65%
Strict data confidentiality
CAN-Spam compliant
Quality service with quick turnaround
Data Integration/ Data quality / Lead distribution

Our list management services include:
List Cleaning
Email/data appending
NCOA Move Updating
List Standardization
Enhancement / Appending
Address Standardization
Telephone/Area Code Update
List Profiling & Data Enhancement/De-duplication
Merge and Purge
Data Scrubbing And Mailing List Cleaning Services
Data protection

Let us help you:

·         Understand your client base - identify valuable customers and improve retention.

  • Qualify prospects -focus efforts by pinpointing your most promising targets
  • Boost campaign response rates - increase the relevancy of offers, delivery channels and timing
  • Cut costs - reduce list rental expenses and focus exclusively on well-defined targets

·         Deepen relationships - use predictive models to cross-sell, up-sell, add-ons and reactivate accounts more effectively.

No matter what shape your data is in, we'll quickly identify, prioritize and resolve the issues that keep your marketing initiatives from moving forward. Learn more about how Rent Lists so you can help your company to fill the missing information in your database.Know more about our Direct mail & Email List Management.Digging deeper into your customer database can have a measurable impact on revenue:: Reduce Cost, Complexity, and Risk
So is Your Data Working For You?

Data Scrubbing And Mailing List Cleaning Services Prevent Database Disasters
Data scrubbing - also known as mailing list cleanup, data cleaning, merge and purge, or data cleansing - are all critical areas of data management. Does your database system drive your business to get the profits you deserve? If you work with mailing lists, are they accurate? To ensure that you are using the best possible data by we perform data scrubbing, mailing list cleanup, and database or mailing list merge and purge... all the procedures necessary for smooth database list usage.

Net-Managers Services provides data scrubbing services for mailing lists and databases. We can de-dupe, or merge/purge, your mailing lists as well. Are you getting too many non-deliverables and poor response rates? Are data errors and corrupt data grinding your business to a standstill?
Data must be clean before you implement your mailing or advertising campaign. Otherwise, your mission critical database could cost you major dollars. Get maximum return on your investment (ROI) by data scrubbing, data cleanup and mail list cleaning.

If your data doesn't work for you, it compounds your work, raises your frustration level, and heaps more stress on you. Data cleaning can prevent your stress. Your business requires data for internal business functions, lists, mailings, or out-bound calls; you simply cannot afford bad data. Before you launch your next campaign, let us use our data scrubbing, data cleaning, and merge/purge procedures to remove errors, correct your data and de-dupe your list.

How can you prevent bad data? What if you could use a full-spectrum database service to eliminate your database concerns? You can - at Net-Managers Database Services, we specialize in data scrubbing, mailing list cleanup and de-duplication also known as data de-duping or simply de-duping.

Reverse Email Append: You have a list of email addresses compiled from online website registrations, but don’t have full name & postal information. Your subscriber file is matched with a permission-based email database, and the name & mailing address of the subscriber is added to your file.

Email Update (also called ECOA or Email Change of Address): Like many marketers, you have a robust email database, but lose around 30% of your email addresses per year because of bouncing emails. By using Email Update Service, your invalid email addresses are updated with a new deliverable email address for the same customer.

AMPlify (Append, Model, Prospect): During any Email Append project, your matched customer records can be appended with demographic & lifestyle information. This information can be used to build a profile of your online customers; which can then be used to select look-alike prospects from permission-based acquisition email lists.

Why Out Source to Net-Managers: What sets us apart.

We differentiate ourselves through:


Partnership-centric Approach


Our approach to offshoring projects through robust partnerships models has been tremendously successful. These models are aligned to enable clients to experience Net-Managers as an extension of their own teams. So far our partnership-centric approach has successfully helped clients realize a high Return on Investment (ROI) and to our kitty we have most of our clients coming back with repeat orders. By partnering with Net-Managers, you are assured of transparency in communication, business continuity and guaranteed growth. Our motto - when our clients grow, we grow with them.


World Class Project Management


Our structured development and project management methodology helps us deliver fixed-time, fixed-price solutions, and project after project. Our methodology helps us stay focused on the client’s needs by engaging the extended team in a virtual knowledge-sharing environment.

With our structured development methodologies and effective project management, we can implement and deliver your projects on time. We have received excellent evaluations from our clients for on-time delivery, correctly implemented functionality and usability. To read more about our structured web design and development methodologies, quality processes, click here


Our Team


In real this is our team that sets us apart. We hire and retain the highest quality people who fit with our open and client focused culture and values. Our people are committed to our client’s projects and their growth. We nurture personal growth for our people by creating a challenging environment with opportunities to learn and develop to become tomorrow's leaders. Click here to learn more about our work culture and environment.


Our re-usable component framework


Our implementation experiences are captured in a re-usable component framework. With the help of framework we are able to transfer the implementation knowledge of one project to the next, and even improve upon previous implementations as a result of subsequent ones.


Global Perspective


We have wide experience of working with client all across the globe. The functional, procedural, cultural experience is gained and incorporated in future solutions. Our experience of working with international clients helps us keeping our product and services competitive on a global scale.


Research and Development


We provide solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies converge. Our approach focuses on new ways of business combining IT innovation, research and development. We encourage research practices in the organization to implement prudent business and technology strategies in today's dynamic digital environment.


Data Confidentiality


Net-Managers guarantee a high degree of confidentiality and security in all clients’ data and every project. All information remains strictly confidential. Net-Managers never sells or disclose any client information under any circumstances.


Landing Page: A Landing Page is a special web page created to direct users towards a particular product or service from an outside source, such as a PPC advertisement. Net-Managers creates and optimizes your landing pages to convert your visitors into leads.

Landing Page Development Services

  • Custom landing page design
  • Compelling copywriting
  • Easy-to-use web forms to capture data
  • Optimizing landing pages



Widgets are tools or mini-applications that help you perform common tasks like play games or send pokes to each other on MySpace or Facebook. A widget can bring content directly to your web page, blog or desktop like weather forecast, share prices, politics etc.

At Net-Managers, we build web widgets as a commercial solution for clients to help them develop highly engaging and cost-efficient desktop applications. Using widget programming skills, we create web widgets and mobile widgets for games, media and other gadgets for social networks, portals and community websites.

Benefits of Widgets

·         provides excellent way to add functionality to an existing application

  • creates rich user experience and seamless communication channels
  • provides faster access to information

·         saves time with live updates

Widget Development Services

·         Desktop Widgets: These are self-contained widgets like video game, clocks, calculators that don't require support from any other application.

  • Application Widgets: These widgets enhance the functionality of an existing application by providing a less complicated interface.

·         Web Widgets: These widgets monitor external events by extracting data from the Internet such as the flight status, or stock prices.

Interested in developing dynamic, interactive and interesting widgets for all your business needs? Contact Us now.

Facebook Applications

Net-Managers empowers companies and brands to attract attention and generate awareness with custom Facebook applications and customized Facebook pages. We develop a wide range of Facebook applications including games, quizzes and gifts applications for businesses to meet their unique requirements. We also customize your Facebook business page by creating new pages on different tabs, encouraging visitors to explore your services more.

Your engaging business presence on Facebook can:

·         Build brand

  • Increase brand and customer loyalty
  • Engage consumers interactively

·         Reach new consumers virally

Facebook Application Development – Engage Your Audience


Facebook applications provide an excellent opportunity to small and mid-size businesses to market and promote their products and services effectively. Our team of Facebook application developers thinks of innovative ideas to popularize your business message to millions. We develop aesthically appealing and interesting Facebook applications are capable of capturing user interest and becoming viral (when friends pass it on to others) and surpass results of the traditional marketing efforts.


Customized Facebook Fan Page Development – Increase Your Social Rankings

Considering the 500 million user base on Facebook, it is very important for businesses to have another homepage on Facebook. Net-Managers provides complete strategy to design, develop and market Facebook fan page for your business.

Benefits of developing Facebook Fan page:

·         Gain immediate attention from your customers.

  • Helps you develop valuable relationship with your niche market.
  • Cost-efficient way to popularize your brand, promotions, discounts and fresh arrivals.
  • Get loyal following by offering free product samples or discounted coupons to your fans.
  • Increases traffic to your website.

·         Easy to get feedback from your niche market through their likes and dislikes

Websites to Accommodate Mobile viewing

Mobile Website Development

While Mobile apps are good for specific tasks and games, over 12% of all folks only access your website through the mobile phone. Since most phones come with a 640 x 400 screen size or lower (320 x 480, … for some android and blackberry phones), your website needs to be redesigned to look good on the mobile. Also, iOS does not support flash – so all flash graphics need to be converted to jquery/css to show up on the mobile.

We help you build the mobile version of your site based on the main features, frequently used by site visitors – leveraging your current Content Management System to host your content, and HTML5/CSS to format and display your website content in a mobile – friendly manner across multiple phone/browser/os combinations. Contact Us to know more on our custom mobile website design and development services.

Mobile SEO

Mobile Search Engine Optimization

21% of all smartphone owners use search, over 43% of mobile searchers actually land up at stores, and 22% end up buying! These statistics alone are reason for you to optimize discovery through the mobile. Our Mobile SEO practices allow you to get ahead of others. Net-Managers leads in providing the best local and location based Mobile SEO techniques for your website to:

·         Achieve high rankings in mobile SERPs

·         Make the layout of your website mobile friendly as well as user friendly.


·         AT&T: 43 Percent Of Local-Mobile Searchers “Walk Through The Door”

·         Recent Mobile Search Statistics: Key Figures and Applications

Mobile Applications

Mobile Application Development

We develop apps in native as well as cross platform frameworks. Native applications have a small footprint, cross platform apps are easier to maintain. However in both native and cross platform apps we use all the additional capabilities provided by phones including GPS, gyroscope, contact database etc. Whether you are considering a game, or mission critical app or a branding app – Net-Managers will work with you to create the app that works across all platforms.

Indicative Tools & Technology used for Mobile Development:

Tools for Mobile App Development: cocoa, xcode, android and blackberry sdks

Frameworks for Mobile App Development: phone gap and sentcha

Contact Us to know more on our custom mobile app development services.

Behavioural Analytics

Data Mining Capabilities: Our Predictive Behavioural Analytics provides real-time analysis you can use to predict and prompt purchases.Email campaigns can be integrated with our automated Product Recommender for cross and upsellopportunities.

And our metrics go beyond open and click rates to measure recency, frequency, and monetaryvalue so you not only know who is reading your emails, but who is converting, how often, and at what value.

These metrics allow you to streamline your sends for the highest campaign ROI possible. Increase the lifetime value of your customers through predictive behavioural analytics In order to optimize the results of your email marketing and reach optimal engagement with your customers, you must consciously collect and use your data. We provide clients with powerful data mining capabilities through segmentation and custom queries that run against customer data. Email provides instant access to all sorts of data and you can use these insights to create messages that are highly targeted and personally relevant.

ü  Increase the lifetime value

ü  of your customers through

ü  predictive behavioral analytics

Predictive Behavioral Targeting analyzes customer purchase history, cadence, clickstream and email engagement to identify future opportunities Product Recommender leverages our data warehouse to intelligently recommend products based on behavioral analytics and dynamically populates emails for cross and upsell opportunities

RFM metrics are monitored and campaigns are created according to customers individualized needs, then continually optimized based on new RFM metrics Integration with Omniture and Google Analytics provides clickstream and conversion data

Data Mining Capabilities:

Our Predictive Behavioral Analytics provides real-time analysis you can use to predict and prompt purchases.

Email campaigns can be integrated with our automated Product Recommender for cross and up sell opportunities. And our metrics go beyond open and click rates to measure recency, frequency, and monetary value so you not only know who is reading your emails, but who is converting, how often, and at what value. These metrics allow you to streamline your sends for the highest campaign ROI possible.

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