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Typically, an ecommerce website measures results in dollars. And because those dollars go straight into your checking account, a successful ecommerce site is very satisfying.

Ecommerce sites, like any site, need to build traffic and turn visitors into customers. However, ecommerce sites need to address other important issues such as security, merchant account setup and gateway integration. Net-Managers has become well-versed in each of these areas.

We've also learned that design can affect results in three main ways:

·         Does the design make product pages compelling?

·         How easy is the shopping cart to use?

·         Are other features available to improve shoppers’ experience?

Product Pages: Must be Compelling

The design of your product pages will affect your sales. More images and more information about each product is typically better. But managing this extra data efficiently requires an easy-to-use content management tool. Having such a robust content tool allows you to include:

·         Multiple product images

·         "Zoom" image

·         Varieties and options

·         Product suggestions

·         Customer reviews

·         Minimum and maximum quantities

·         Quantity discounts

·         Custom "out of stock" messages

Ecommerce Shopping Cart and Checkout Process: Must be Simple

Net-Manager’s shopping cart and checkout process were carefully designed (and rigorously tested) to maximize conversions – i.e. increasing the percentage of visitors who actually become customers. We take advantage of the latest and most effective usability techniques to ensure visitors remain happy and continue through the entire process. For example:

·         Visitors who add products to the cart may continue shopping.

·         The number of items and cart total are always available at the top of every page.

·         The checkout process is one simple page.

·         Net-Manager’s goal is to help you reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Additional Features:
Must be Easily Accessible t
o help the shopper’s overall experience, our ecommerce sites can typically include other features such as:

·         Product search

·         Customer account creation and login

·         Ability to see order history, check status, create and share wish lists

·         Gift wrapping option and gift card messages

·         Gift certificate sales and redemption

·         Shipping Options (e.g. shipping integration - FedEx, DHL; international shipping; ship to multiple addresses)

·         Promotion codes and coupons (free shipping, discounted percentage off the total purchase price, etc.)

·         Sales (percentage off a single product or product category, product exclusions, etc.)

Receive Comprehensive Reporting

No matter how simple or complex your site, Net-Managers can provide you with comprehensive data, such as:

-         Web Traffic Reports - native to the website and with Google Analytics

-         Sales Reports - view orders by day, month, year, product, order status, etc.

Take Ecommerce to The Next Level

We offer additional opportunities to build your site with even better experiences for visitors and tools for easier management. Many Net-Managers ecommerce websites include the following options:

·         Customized Products - let visitors create their own products.

·         Integration - connect the site with your inventory systems, fulfilment companies, call centres, point-of-sale systems, etc.

·         PCI compliance - depending on the revenue, we can help you comply with "Payment Card Industry" standards for security.

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