Application Integration

Enterprises may have many applications running concurrently both offline and online achieving their set objectives. And to establish a sync between (offline and online) and/or (online and online) applications is what most of the corporate is looking for in order to achieve faster turnaround time and efficiency. For example a corporate may have CRM running which may require integration with the Web enabled application say E-commerce so that any newly purchased products / services can be instantly pushed in to this CRM, making the whole process very real time which further smoothens the process of information sharing, business optimization and other decision making processes.
Net-Managers Application Integration Services provides seamless information sharing to enable business optimization and total information visibility through the integration of processes, Applications and Data. Our implementation capabilities include application-to-application integration, Business Process Management Integration, business-to-business integration and Web services enablement.

Back Office Integration

A back office is a part of most corporations where tasks dedicated to running the company itself take place. We provide solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing Back Office System. Our secure e-commerce application that processes corporate information such as orders online can be integrated with your existing back office system such as sage line of products or Seibel CRM or any other system you may be running for your back office operations.
Key Features
   Greatly improved customer service - the back office and the web store can deal automatically with almost every order and customer query.

  Faster response time.

   Enhanced capacity - greater automation allows you to deal with much larger volumes of business.

  Reduced costs in the medium and long-term. Although set-up will be a one-off cost, integration will save time and    money in the future.

    Improved accuracy - with web store and back office accessing the same data the chances of errors are greatly reduced.

    Staying competitive - efficient, timely service is vital: if your competitors run a more efficient, responsive service you could lose your customers to them.

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