Email List Management

Outsourcing vs. In-house Solution
Email distribution is often misunderstood as a simple process in which the send button is pressed for instant and unfettered access to the intended recipient's inbox. Unfortunately, such an assumption is incorrect and may be costly in terms of missed appointments to lost sales. Email management requires a significant investment of time, money, or both to insure delivery, avoid filters, implement international standards, obtain white list status, and remain in the good graces of receiving networks.
As you may be aware, no network is obligated to accept your email. So, be cautious of solutions that do not specialize in email management and distribution like out-of-the-box software, or costly custom application. These are not viable solutions unless distribution on a rare occasion to only a few contacts at a time is your need. Compare outsourcing (i.e. to the aforementioned solutions by clicking on each respective link to get the facts.

Why burden yourself with SPF compliance, RFC standards, MX records, DNS entries, server installation, bandwidth requirements, block list monitoring, software upgrades, and developer fees?
Outsource your list management services to Acquire lists :: Reduce Cost, Complexity, and Risk

 Secure e-mail list: The e-mail addresses of your customers are stored within a secure SQL Server database
Subscriber filtering: Subscribers can be filtered against the opt-out list to prevent re-importing a subscriber who has opted out in the past.
Automated tracking/filtering of bounced e-mails. E-mail addresses can be removed after a specified number of bounces.
Reduce list management cost by 65%
Strict data confidentiality
CAN-Spam compliant
Quality service with quick turnaround
Data Integration/ Data quality / Lead distribution

Our list management services include:
List Cleaning
Email/data appending
NCOA Move Updating
List Standardization
Enhancement / Appending
Address Standardization
Telephone/Area Code Update
List Profiling & Data Enhancement/De-duplication
Merge and Purge
Data Scrubbing And Mailing List Cleaning Services
Data protection

Let us help you:

         Understand your client base - identify valuable customers and improve retention.
Qualify prospects -focus efforts by pinpointing your most promising targets
Boost campaign response rates - increase the relevancy of offers, delivery channels and timing
Cut costs - reduce list rental expenses and focus exclusively on well-defined targets

        Deepen relationships - use predictive models to cross-sell, up-sell, add-ons and reactivate accounts more effectively.
No matter what shape your data is in, we'll quickly identify, prioritize and resolve the issues that keep your marketing initiatives from moving forward. Learn more about how Rent Lists so you can help your company to fill the missing information in your database.Know more about our Direct mail & Email List Management.Digging deeper into your customer database can have a measurable impact on revenue:: Reduce Cost, Complexity, and Risk
So is Your Data Working For You?
Data Scrubbing And Mailing List Cleaning Services Prevent Database Disasters
Data scrubbing - also known as mailing list cleanup, data cleaning, merge and purge, or data cleansing - are all critical areas of data management. Does your database system drive your business to get the profits you deserve? If you work with mailing lists, are they accurate? To ensure that you are using the best possible data by we perform data scrubbing, mailing list cleanup, and database or mailing list merge and purge... all the procedures necessary for smooth database list usage.
Net-Managers Services provides data scrubbing services for mailing lists and databases. We can de-dupe, or merge/purge, your mailing lists as well. Are you getting too many non-deliverables and poor response rates? Are data errors and corrupt data grinding your business to a standstill?
 Data must be clean before you implement your mailing or advertising campaign. Otherwise, your mission critical database could cost you major dollars. Get maximum return on your investment (ROI) by data scrubbing, data cleanup and mail list cleaning.

If your data doesn't work for you, it compounds your work, raises your frustration level, and heaps more stress on you. Data cleaning can prevent your stress. Your business requires data for internal business functions, lists, mailings, or out-bound calls; you simply cannot afford bad data. Before you launch your next campaign, let us use our data scrubbing, data cleaning, and merge/purge procedures to remove errors, correct your data and de-dupe your list.

How can you prevent bad data? What if you could use a full-spectrum database service to eliminate your database concerns? You can - at Net-Managers Database Services, we specialize in data scrubbing, mailing list cleanup and de-duplication also known as data de-duping or simply de-duping.

Reverse Email Append: You have a list of email addresses compiled from online website registrations, but don’t have full name & postal information. Your subscriber file is matched with a permission-based email database, and the name & mailing address of the subscriber is added to your file.
Email Update (also called ECOA or Email Change of Address): Like many marketers, you have a robust email database, but lose around 30% of your email addresses per year because of bouncing emails. By using Email Update Service, your invalid email addresses are updated with a new deliverable email address for the same customer.
AMPlify (Append, Model, Prospect): During any Email Append project, your matched customer records can be appended with demographic & lifestyle information. This information can be used to build a profile of your online customers; which can then be used to select look-alike prospects from permission-based acquisition email lists.

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