Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing is the latest buzz in the social media platform.

Promoting your Business through twitter deliveries remarkable results of increased website traffic, brand awareness, and qualified leads.
Net-Managers delivers efficient, customized Twitter marketing services ensuring definite rise in traffic influx and brand popularity.
From introducing your business to Twitter, creating professional Twitter campaigns, monitor progress and measuring ROI, we stand by our clients.

Twitter Management (Activities)

1 Set up a Twitter account        
2 50 Regular Tweets per week          
3 Regular Retweets          
4 Customized Twitter background          
5 Research a targeted audience for you          
6 Find out who isn't following you back          
8 Linking to other social media profiles and your web page          
9 200+ Followers per month          
        USD 400.00 Per Month    

Twitter Marketing Services Include

Set up and manage one or multiple Twitter accounts    
Regularly tweet about your discounts or special offers    
Post regular specials or sales on Twitter      

Answer your industry related questions to connect with more and more people on Twitter

Tweet interesting but relevant updates and content to get others Retweeting and spreading it to their followers
Send notification about the events you organize and attend.    
Check and answer all your messages, invitations and mentions.  
Schedule automatic updates on your profiles at pre-determined times.  
Wisely integrating your website, Facebook, forum, blog and other marketing channels into your Twitter account
Utilizing Twitter tools such as TweetVolume, TweetDeck and more, to make your twitter marketing highly progressive and productive.

Why Net-Managersto Market your Twitter Presence

Create , run and manage a seamless Twitter marketing strategy  
Efficiently link, run and monitor all your Twitter profiles    
Vital role in promoting and re-distributing precise content.    
Experience of creating successful Twitter marketing strategy    
Setup URL Tracking to track most clicked links      

Exceptional ability to measure and analyze Twitter marketing campaign's results

Net - Managers LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn presents highly professional ways to create and build relationships with industry specific partners and potential customers
andassist to leverage its potential optimally. Net-Managers marketing services are devised for businesses to promote their popularity
and build a concrete reputation. By offering a customized LinkedIn marketing strategy, we help our clients with improvement in their
online visibility, sales leads and web traffic.
Linkedin Management (Activities)        
  1 Account Setup      
2 Profile Creation      
  3 Updating Profile on regular basis      
  4 50+ Connnections      
  5 Creating and Joining groups and active participation in them      
  6 Answering questions that are posted in the network      

USD 450.00


Core LinkedIn Marketing services Include

Using LinkedIn application to connect with your third party content sources such as slideShare, WordPress andTwitter, etc.
Create, run and regularly update one or multiple profiles with proper images, content, and keyword rich hyperlink and descriptions
Creating competent LinkedIn Ad Campaigns
Creating attractive LinkedIn Product page
Handling posts and discussions on regular basis
Send messages to your connections regarding events, conferences, seminar, and job openings.
Connect with relevant groups to form new connections
Create an interesting event related to your business or industry
Utilizing LinkedIn Answers section to set up a Search and Answer Questions
Connecting with clients, prospects and related companies

LinkedIn Marketing services carried out daily

At least one post on each profile
Not less than 10 update replies      
Monitor your business related group discussions and post comments      
Notification of relevant discussion related to your business      
Search and join relevant groups      
Accept and search apposite networking requests      
In order to gain more knowledge on how your business can benefit from business /professional networking using LinkedIn, call us today.

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