Facebook Page Creation & Submission

Facebook Application Development – Engage Your Audience

Facebook Page Creation & SubmissionNet-Managers empowers companies and brands to attract attention and generate awareness with custom Facebook applications and customized Facebook pages. We develop a wide range of Facebook applications including games, quizzes and gifts applications for businesses to meet their unique requirements. We also customize your Facebook business page by creating new pages on different tabs, encouraging visitors to explore your services more.
Your engaging business presence on Facebook can:
         Build brand
Increase brand and customer loyalty
Engage consumers interactively
        Reach new consumers virally
Facebook Application Development – Engage Your Audience
Facebook applications provide an excellent opportunity to small and mid-size businesses to market and promote their products and services effectively. Our team of Facebook application developers thinks of innovative ideas to popularize your business message to millions. We develop aesthically appealing and interesting Facebook applications are capable of capturing user interest and becoming viral (when friends pass it on to others) and surpass results of the traditional marketing efforts.
Customized Facebook Fan Page Development – Increase Your Social Rankings
Considering the 500 million user base on Facebook, it is very important for businesses to have another homepage on Facebook. Net-Managers provides complete strategy to design, develop and market Facebook fan page for your business.
Benefits of developing Facebook Fan page:
        Gain immediate attention from your customers.
Helps you develop valuable relationship with your niche market.
Cost-efficient way to popularize your brand, promotions, discounts and fresh arrivals.
Get loyal following by offering free product samples or discounted coupons to your fans.
Increases traffic to your website.
        Easy to get feedback from your niche market through their likes and dislikes


Facebook Fan Page Marketing / Management

  Net-Managers offers Facebook fan page management services to market and build brands online.  
  Facebook marketing services to reach out to your audience.
  Facebook FanPage Customization Services    
  Customized design and tab name on your welcome page  
  Custom profile images and banners    
  Creation of multiple pages within Fan page    
  Outgoing links to your Website or Offers    
  Embedded social media icons and Links    
  Blog feeds and tweets in real-time    

Facebook Fan Page Marketing Plan

  1 Your logo/picture uploaded          
  2 50 updates per week          
  3 Join us on Facebook image for your website          
  4 Integrate your blog into page          
  5 Addition of appropriate extensions (youtube, Flickr etc)          
  6 Customizing your logo for better fit          
  8 Full interaction to customers via Facebook page          
  9 200+ Increasing fans per month          
    USD 450.00 Per Month          

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