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Facebook Marketing

FaceBook has emerged as one of the world's largest advertising and marketing platforms and accessing its potential to gain the maximum possible result has become indispensable to online businesses today.

Net-Managers provides integrated Facebook Marketing Services to promote brand awareness, increase fan base and drive sales.

Build, promote and strengthen your web presence by using a gigantic platform of 150 million users

Net-Managers Facebook Marketing Services Include;

Facebook Fan Page Management

Profile Creation, Network Building, Fan Page Updates amongst others to market and build brands online.

A Facebook Fan Page allows you to interact with your audience to keep them up-to-date on and about your public figures, organizations and businesses.

Facebook Fan Page Marketing Plan



Your logo/picture uploaded


50 updates per week


Join us on facebook image for your website


Integrate your blog into page


Addition of appropriate extensions(youtube, Flickr etc)


Customizing your logo for better fit


Full interaction to customers via Facebook page


200+ Increasing Fans per month

Facebook Fan Page Customization Service

·Customized design and tab name on your welcome page

  • Custom profile images and banners
  • Creation of multiple pages within Fan page
  • Outgoing links to your Website or Offers
  • Embedded social media icons and Links
  • Blog feeds and tweets in real-time

Facebook Ads Management:

Create, runand monitor highly targeted Advertising Campaigns

Maximize the immeasurable potential of a highly advanced and interactive platform to target your ads to a neatly defined targeted audience with reliable, experienced and professional help.

Net-Managers Facebook Ads Management help you create, manage and monitor highly targeted advertising campaigns.

We have the experience in Facebook Ad campaigns for both Cost Per Click and Cost Per Thousand Impression basis.

Facebook Ads Management Include;


- Facebook account and campaign set up

  • Ad creation and demographic targeting
  • Keyword selection for each ad

- Refresh ad creative on a weekly basis

Management Services

- In-depth Research

  • Bulk ad editing
  • Target segmentation on basis of location, demographics, interests, language and more
  • Run multiple Ad campaign concurrently

- Landing Page Optimization

On going Monitoring

- Conversion tracking

  • Multivariate testing
  • Advanced Tracking Reports
  • Managing bidding and CTR

- Automatic bid optimization

Facebook Ads Plan

Our highly talented social media professionals have devised Facebook Ads Plans after exhaustive study and understanding of Facebook Ads Management.

The plan has been created by taking into consideration your business's goals, audience, marketing budget and Pricing.

What more you can achieve

With Net-Managers Ad Management, advertisers will get a dedicated account manager to manage their ad investment, content creation, and campaign performance. Our experts are highly proficient in using the best tools and techniques to ensure maximum ROI. The Facebook Ads Management services will ensure a significant rise in;

·Count of Users

  • Count of Fans
  • Number of Likes
  • Strengthen company's authority

Hire Us: Net-Managers's Facebook Ads Management services are ideal for clients looking for a guaranteed way of earning great ROI on their Facebook advertising. Our Ads Management team takes care of Facebook Ads campaign management for small as well as big business around the world and our already proven SEO expertise is an added advantage that a client is ensured of, on hiring us.

Create Communities Groups- target like minded communities online

Facebook Communities and Groups Creation:Build targeted community and groups to make your business reach your audience. Net-Managers has a core team of Facebook marketing professionals who identify the core areas like community and group creation to serve the best purpose of improving your brand awareness among the users. These highly relevant Facebook groups and communities are very helpful in boosting web traffic and promoting your brand online among the target groups. We create, manage and monitor highly targeted groups and communities

Our Innovative Initiatives:

  • Creating groups and communities of like-minded and relevant audience
  • Offering recent updates about business activities on the same
  • Identifying the specific needs of the target group
  • Special emphasis on specific target groups
  • Integrate application for better response
  • Promoting your upcoming business events among the groups and communities
  • Regular blog postings on your personalized communities

·Encouraging fans to comment and share their wall postings to the groups

Benefits You Can Count On: With our Facebook community and group creation strategies you can have a number of online business advantages over others. These benefits include:

  • Improved awareness about products and services
  • Higher lead generation for your online business endeavors
  • Higher popularity of the brand and business across the business domain
  • Target segmentation on basis of location, demographics, interests, language and more
  • Embedded social media icons and Links in the groups
  • Full interaction to customers via Facebook page

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