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Website OptimisationNow that your website is able to generate qualified traffic, it’s time to concentrate on converting that traffic to generate business. Website Conversion is a multifarious process employed to persuade visitors to a website to take on certain actions such as filing out a form, buying a product or service, joining an email contact list, etc. It is the science and art of having a greater volume of your visitors to take action and become a lead or customer. Our conversion rate optimization services aims at calibrating your website to reduce the bounce rate and effectively direct a visitor to the action you want them to take. We help you multiply the count of web site visitors who complete a desired action.

We categorize our website conversion optimization services into three phases:

Business Research: Know Your Business Inside Out

For overall conversion optimization, it is important to conduct business research that primarily deals with what competitors are doing. Business research is basically a competitive analysis that opens your chance to look closely at your market and your competition. It lets you learn what your rivals are doing and how. Accurate, timely information about your business is crucial to making successful business and marketing decisions. By identifying your main competitors in the market and by marking their strengths and weaknesses, you get to create a unique website with distinguished USPs that eventually positively affects your thorough conversion rate.

Key Areas for Business Research

Target Demographic Analysis:As per your target demographic, we identify potential turn-offs points of your site, eliminate them and provide a conducive information delivery method.

Determining Sales Funnels: In order to ensure customer's engagement end-to-end, we closely analyze your sales funnels to find points where customers are losing interest in your products.

Industry Knowledge: Check if your competitors are providing tips, instructions, or industry resources.

Deliverability: A comparison drawn between the quality and quantity of your offered products to that of your competitors.

Products and Pricing: Determine the comparison in brands and pricing of the offered products. We also check if they are offering online coupons, discount offers or specials.

Guarantees: This can be a massive traffic puller. We check if your competitors are offering money back guarantee or product related guarantees.

Merchant Services:The ease of ordering online. This includes details regarding shipping process such as speed, rates etc, along with types of payment methods that are available.

Customer Interactions: We check for all interactive mediums that your competitors are using. These primarily include forums, e-newsletters and blogs.

Shop your competition:Shopping on competitor's sites will give an idea about the ease their customers are getting while they make a purchase from the website. Also, this enables us to get hold of their rate list and their sales presentation.

Customized Research Deliverables

We ensure quality business research reports that deliver the results exactly as you need them. From a collection of figurative reports to in-depth analysis briefs, we tend to summarize and synthesize research findings to provide you through insight into your competitors' conversion strategies.

A Peak at Results Driven by Business Research

  • Benchmark your site considering your competitors.
  • Identify your website's potential in the market.
  • Determine your competitors USPs.
  • Identify bottlenecks and improve traffic flow.
  • Attract bigger volumes of targeted traffic and deliver positive results.
  • And Much more

It always works in your favor to have concrete information about your business in the current market place. Not only it brings better understanding of the business but also empowers you with a leading edge over others. To know more about your competitors with detailed reports on their USPs and efficient conversion strategies, and improve your website conversion optimization, simply contact us.

Web Usability: Rich User-Experience

Website usability is an unfailing approach to enable visitors to get what they want or need as quickly as possible. Smooth website navigation helps visitors to easily figure out what to do next, understand why they should do it and realize the ease of taking this action. The process gets our experts to work on a variety of aspects including interface design, information architecture, navigation and layout. All require different skills, from setting the background with apt color, font and resolution, to conducting user testing, we do it all here. Read More

Infusing Positive Impression: Manifesting Your Brand Value

To close a sale or get your visitors take any desirable action on your website, it is must for your visitors to trust you.

We are to authenticate your web presence and infuse positive impression. Our online reputation managementservices involve thorough analysis of all that is being written about your brand on the internet. We also take the entire onus of repairing any damage found and building a positive image. Read More

Conversion Testing

The success of your website conversion services is measured through strategic, results driven, testing. We understand that each website's components are different and that there does not exist, any "fool-proof" method to increase conversion rate and hence, develop a successful testing strategy to identify the impact of implemented changes on your website's performance. We determine the problem areas and specify priority changes, and bring forth measurable results. Testing reveals the potential of implemented strategies.

We set up A/B and multivariate testing to identify what works best and what will work even better. Stop worrying about funnelling twice as many people to visit your site, when it is far more fruitful to double the number of sales from the people already visiting your website. To know more about are Website Conversion Optimization, Please contact our sales executive.

Web Usability Analysis Solutions

The term web usability denotes the process of finding the user’s need and then improving the design of the website to meet them. Elegant and aesthetic, quick and user-friendly website enables you to transform the way your customers perceive and relate with you in the online environment. A usable website can harvest huge revenues for your business and allows prospective customers to accomplish their task in the best possible way.

Web Usability Implementation Approach

The major steps for escalating the usability are to employ iterative designs that gradually refine the early stages of design and then evaluate the user and client feedback until the system attains the desired level of usability. We follow a structured approach to website usability projects.

The following Evaluation work areas are a part of webusability analysis

  • Traffic analysis
  • Usability analysis through focus groups, user tests, and walk through
  • Technically advanced efforts
  • Interactive survey
  • Collecting sales and lead information
  • Click heat mapping
  • Customer metrics
  • Task analysis to configure critical features.

Our Web Usability Solutions Includes

  • Benchmark your site considering your competitors
  • Identify your potential customer group
  • Recommend site architecture based on the information gained
  • Suggest new and improved technologies
  • Consider your SEO strategies for an effective site architecture

In addition to this, we also conduct simulated walk-through of basic tasks that are to be performed on the website. These simulated walk through gives us an insight of the end users’ experience and can hence be employed for better user experience.

Usability of a site is not an afterthought process. Determining, evaluating and analyzing a website, post its creation is futile and incapable of generating good results. To understand the requirements of your targeted customers, it is best to monitor the pages they visit and information they access while on a session on your site. They may have found your site looking for one product, but may find other product you have more fitting or compliments their original inquiry.

Why is web analysis required?

·         Verify the goals for the website from the standpoint of the customer and the business

·         Clarifying user demands and target usability necessities

·         Assessing presented versions of the site

Proper analysis of visitors’ interaction, navigation and outlook of your site presents to you the clear picture of your market and customers. It largely helps in introducing new required site adjustments and making product placement selection. The qualitative procedure of web analysis lets you discover the most widely observed place of your site, where you put suggestions or can place a product. Undoubtedly, Web Analysis is an imperative feature of effective web designing.

E-commerce Marketing Solutions: Take your e-commerce Business to the Next Level

At Net-Managers we understand that each problem is different and so are the solutions. Backed by our years of experience we bring to you a complete internet marketing solution designed just for the e-commerce / online retail industry.


Our Methodology for E-commerce Marketing

The basic methodology is not very different from our generic approach. It comprises of the same 3 basic building blocks.

  • Traffic Generation
  • Usability / Conversion
  • Web Analytics / Tracking

But the marketing vehicles change as you will take a closer look into the whole solution.


Key Areas of Focus in Ecommerce Marketing

Our E-commerce Marketing Solutions takes care of all the aspects of your business and take you to a level where it all starts to happen. Some of them are listed below:

  • Usability & Design - Great Usability will get you that conversion on the traffic
  • Search Engines Marketing - Get traffic that is relevant from the search engines through SEO / PPC
  • Social Media Marketing - Use the power of Social medias like networks, forums, blogs etc to add more traffic.
  • Affiliate Marketing - Build a string affiliate network to gain an extra edge on traffic.
  • Comparison Shopping - Use Comparison shopping search engines to boost your traffic.
  • Data Feeds - Use data feeds to get your products listed on popular shopping search engines.
  • Analytics & Tracking - Track the performance of your campaign to refine your performance and move forward.

With Net-Managers you are with the best. We believe in understanding your business and adding value to it.

Get that perfect solution from our highly trained Business Analysts. Contact Net-Managers now.

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