Voice based services

Net-Managers provides range of business process outsourcing services (BPO services). Our BPO services helps our client with the value that helps achieve operational excellence while reducing costs incurred on managing such processes Our staff has deep industry expertise and processes that really help deliver value to our clients. We deliver range of business process outsourcing services for all the back office processes like accounts and finance, customer care, technology helpdesk, legal services, procurement services and back office support and front office support process.

Through our range of business process outsourcing services we help improve business performance of our clients processes such that they are more efficient, productive and able to deliver more value for the cost incurred compared to in-house services.


Non-voice based services

 Many BPOs and KPOs transgressed towards non-voice based services such as human resources outsourcing, accounting outsourcing, IT outsourcing, etc. The market for non-voice services is wide and is expected to grow faster as it is still in the growth stage unlike voice-based services which has reached its pinnacle of growth. However, many services such as recruitment outsourcing, etc. are not complete without voice based services.














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