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www.net-managers.com established: 1999 Australia as a ISP

It has over the years establish commercial knowledge and design concepts as well as keeping up and taking advantages of technology and pushing boundaries when it comes to understanding of the Internet and its importance and advantage to Business Today.

The Principal and founder of www.net-managers.com is Anthony Tosswill

Mission Statement

Our belief is: Business & Company’s Need to Be Where Clients or Consumers are.

To that end Our Mission is to insure our Clients are at the Forefront of where there Clients or Consumers are. Today is not the same as 10 Years ago, so most businesses need our services Today! If they Don’t they do not need to Save Money, Nor Drive Sales as that’s our Objective for our Clients.

Net-Managers is a Internet Advertising, Marketing, Design & Support Solution.

To push business further www.net-managers.com also provide total Advertising, Marketing, Design solutions and outsource total all Internet Needs a Company requires today, Uniquely we offer a Total Service on Yearly Contracts, and provide all outsourcing needs required Today

 www.net-managers.com: The amount of Internet based requirements a Business has to attend to today and the escalating costs of staff that are employed guarantee the demand for outsourcing of this important aspect of any business Today

So Net Managers provides a One stop Outsource Internet Service Globally

To attain this Net Managers has created a streamline concept of Talented People that specialise in each Segment of our Client’s needs. Out Internet Staff are Located in Malaysia, Australia, Vietnam and India.

Our Head Office is based in Malaysia, for contact please go to our contact Page.

Total Web Management: Web Hosting - Web Design - E-Commerce - Database Design - Content Self Management System - Computer Programming - Portal Design and Management

Our origins originate from Net-Managers (www.net-managers.com), which was established in 1998 in Australia. It operated formally as a Full ISP but in late 2001 phased out dialups and concentrated on I.T and website Development.

Its I.T Specialists, had expertise in Linux Platforms combined with MYSQL and Apache Systems hence the development and change in the Business.

These operating platforms combined with open coding in a language named PHP enabled the company in developing programming that would communicate with the above operating systems.

All our programming at that time combined with html allowed as to attain clients offering solutions that required major differences that were not easily accessible and or offered by our competitors.

2001 which with its local Australian and International Programmer Specialists we have specialized in developing Commercial Applications that are Internet based.

From late 2001 to this date Net-Managers.com has developed sophisticated backend operating systems that operate in real time over the internet.

2002 to now we have enhanced our business by concentrating on the commercialization of several I.T real time solutions and software programming to assist f operating Portals and Large Websites that need tools to enhance and manage there Business at greatly reduced cost and knowledge of the Internet.

Some of these different products include

1A Content Management Program that has been designed in module form that creates and managers a website portal that would otherwise needed to be run by full time employees of a company or be out sourced to an IT company. The system developed can be run by any person once setup without any training other than what is incorporated in our package. Further Details attached.

2A Digital coupon Q-R Code solution, search directory scripting, product data base creator and self generating websites incorporating these features as well a less sophisticated version of the Content Management System. Overview Supplied, reference www. www.net-managers.com.

3Internet Marketing Program providing total control to the User relating to the advertising & Marketing of there Business over the Net. It includes Email Broad Casting, Viral Marketing, Responders, Opt in / Opt Out, Removal of subscribers, Email Graphics, Templates, Newsletters, Website Monitoring, Search Engine Ranking, Management of Email and News Letter Lists,  Email Server, Data Based Programming and numerous other unique Features to manage a company’s Web Presence. This Program is past the design stage and development of it is about to start.

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Asia Head Office: Lot 342, Mukim Sungai Karang, 26080 Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia

Tel: +6 9-581 9559 Fax:+6 9-581 9488, Mail: tony@net-managers.com

China Regional Office: Business Development Director: Lin Keah Chye

Tel: Tel:+86 13603060547, Mail: K.C.Lin@net-managers.com

Australasia Regional Office: Aaron on 0425 271 930

Tel: Tel:+86 13603060547, Mail: aaron@net-managers.com

European Regional Offices: Mme Skaff, Alexandra, 5, rue de la Liberté, La Trimouille, Vienne, Poitou-Charentes 86290, FRANCE

Mail: alex@net-managers.com

Viet Nam Offices: 283/97 Cach Mang Thang Tam St, 12 ward, 10 Dist, Ho Chi Minh City, VietNam

Mail: cs@net-managers.com